What is the difference between the Natural Health Products Bill (Act) and the Regulations?

The Natural Health Products Bill will become the Natural Health Products Act once it has undergone its third (and final) reading in Parliament. Regulations usually follow close behind a Bill’s enactment so that the Act’s requirements are clear for all concerned.

At this stage the Ministry of Health is in ‘information gathering mode’ on the Regulations, which are by no means finalised. Further consultation is planned and there will be plenty of opportunities to fine-tune the Regulations even after the Bill passes into law.

Note that the Bill (Act) is akin to a framework or policy for a regime. It must be debated and passed in Parliament before it becomes an Act and the regime can begin. Regulations are different, these cover the finer details about how to comply with the Bill (Act). For example, the Natural Health Products Bill (Act) would specify that there must be labelling for products, while the Regulations would specify what must be (or must not be) on the label.



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