Suppliers’ Day 2021 Presentations

Tom Berry for Ryan Gorman
Business Manager Pharma & Nutra
Ginkgosome™ – Introducing the Superior Liposomal Ginkgo Extract™
Ginkgo, one of the oldest, most widely used extract, plays a long therapeutic history in traditional Chinese Medicine. Ginkgosome™ is Network Nutrition’s new product to define itself in the ever-growing, competitive Ginkgo biloba market.
To access Tom’s presentation, please email him, [email protected]

Paul Sapsford
General Manager
Keraplast Natural Innovation
keraGEN-IV™ – Eating Vegetarian Wool
Why eating vegetarian wool could be good for you; how keratin is the ideal protein partner to ride on current collagen trends; and the potential for human nutrition science to cross over into the burgeoning pet food market. CLICK HERE

Hamish Glendinning
Business Lead – Deer Milk
Pāmu Deer Milk – a world first innovation
Pāmu Deer Milk is a world first, award winning ingredient. Pāmu has recently secured HVN funding for a clinical trial investigating the ability of deer milk to improve nutritional and physical function for those aged over 65. CLICK HERE

Starin McKeen
Product Champion – BerriQi & Feiolix
A new ingredient for metabolic health
Introducing Feiolix, a whole feijoa powder providing multifaceted blood glucose stabilisation support for the prediabetes market. CLICK HERE

Dr Manmeet Kaur
Business Development
Verital Innovations Ltd
The role of colourless carotenoids in fighting skin inflammaging
To access Manmeet’s presentation, please email her: [email protected]

Miriam Azer
Account Manager
DSM Nutritional Products
HMOs: Harnessing the Power of Human Milk Oligosaccharides, the next generation gut health supporting nutrient for dietary supplements.

Johan Svenson
Associate Professor, Science Leader Algae & Bioactives
Cawthron Institute
Realizing the potential of our bioactive resources
An overview of the capabilities within the Cawthron Institute as well as highlighting some of the ongoing research projects. CLICK HERE

Carley Sheerin
Product Manager ANZ
Brenntag NZ Ltd
Addressing the growing gut and brain health issues with Biotis™ GOS prebiotic
Impact of Galactooligosaccharides (GOS) GOS prebiotic on brain and gut health in adults.

Michelle Cubitt
Regulatory Consultant
Smart Regulatory Solutions
Where can I go and how do I get there? Exporting Using Regulatory Intelligence
An update of the regulatory environment of our main trading markets. CLICK HERE

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