Mission and Strategic Pillars


Enable a vibrant environment for growing New Zealand’s natural and complementary health products sector.


The natural and complementary health products sector will be widely acknowledged as the rising star in New Zealand’s value-added economy.

Strategic Pillars

The infographic below represents the 5 key pillars of our Strategic Plan. Hover over a pillar to see more detail, or, CLICK HERE to go through to the full presentation.


Be the connection hub for members

Understand members’ issues and requirements

Provide platforms for industry intelligence sharing

Provide networking opportunities

Success Stories:

Approx 80% of the industry are members

Summit and Suppliers Day continue to grow and are highly regarded

Lunchtime webinar series launched to extend intelligence sharing

Inspiring Growth

Enable members to capitalise on opportunities

Understand key trends

Foster innovation

Promote opportunities for funding of R&D

Provide export opportunities

Success Stories:

Industry has grown from $1.4billion in 2014 to $2.3billion in 2019

NZ delegation to Healthplex HNC with extensive China networking opportunities


Position Natural Health Products NZ and our members as world leaders in the sector

Implement a comprehensive Communications Plan

Encourage international preference for Brand NZ

Provide a respected halo brand

Success Stories:

Development of Sector Story with toolkit for exporters including video, images and infographic

Host and promote Annual Industry Awards, celebrating excellence


Boldly lead a collaborative and connected sector

Facilitate collaboration

Nurture mutually beneficial relationships with industry partners

Success Stories:

Strong spirit of collaboration with NZTE, building recognition of the industry

Provide networking opportunities with leading science institutions


Be the influential and trusted voice of the industry

Advocate for positive regulatory outcomes

Ensure credibility within the health sector

Uphold Code of Conduct

Champion sustainability

Success Stories:

Faulty/damaging fish oil research paper retracted

Misguided Wellness Bill withdrawn

Essential Business status confirmed for supply chain members

Natural Health Products NZ’s strategic pillars are reviewed regularly. Members are encouraged to share their thoughts and feedback on our strategy at anytime by emailing [email protected]