Quality parameters of Medicinal Herbs– PhtyoMed speaks out

New Zealand’s environment and expertise optimise quality parameters of Medicinal Herbs – PhtyoMed speaks out

Founder and Owner of Kiwiherb®, Phil Rasmussen explains how, since its separation from Gondwanaland millions of years ago, New Zealand’s vegetation has evolved in isolation.  This isolation, coupled with the country’s rainforest climate, has enabled growth of over 2200 unique native plants, seaweeds, lichen and fungi.

“Shortly after New Zealand’s Maori people landed on our shores, they became the experts in using these one-of-a-kind herbs and plants to overcome illness and maintain health by incorporating them into infusions, poultices and steam baths,” he says.

However, during the 20th Century, many of the traditional Maori medicinal practices died out.  “Seeing these traditions revived, and introducing consumers worldwide to the benefits of New Zealand’s exclusive native plants is what Kiwiherb is all about.  We are ethically recommercialising these plants and herbs by integrating what is known about Maori tradition, modern science and pharmacological activities,” Rasmussen comments.

And the company has been successful in achieving its aim since it began operations in 1998.  It now distributes product through its key partners in Asia, Australia, the United Kingdom, Ireland and America.

Kiwiherb® products offer the company’s business partners a unique selling proposition that no other herbal medicine supplier provides.

“Many of our products are sourced from Maori growers living in New Zealand’s rainforests who are as committed as we are to sharing their traditions with people around the globe.  Our company then offers the added advantage of using modern manufacturing processes to enhance these plants’ quality and efficacy.

“Kiwiherb® is taking New Zealand native plants to the world.  No other herbal supplier can offer international distributors this distinctive competitive advantage.”

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