NZ at Natural and Organic Products Europe

New Zealand’s rich experience in natural products was demonstrated at the ‘Natural & Organic Products Europe 2010’ exhibition at Olympia, London on 11th and 12th April 2010. 

New Zealand’s climate, environment and unique resources have combined to create a lucrative and growing natural health sector. An innovative nation that respects and protects its natural assets, it develops fresh, new ideas beyond the boundaries of conventional thought.

Encompassing natural skincare collections, high-tech nutraceuticals and organic foodstuffs, New Zealand products demonstrated their rich and wide experience in this sector.

Companies Exhibiting New Zealand Products

  • Antipodes New Zealand (4098)
  • Kiwiherb (4098)
  • Manuka Medical Limited (4098)
  • Lescaro (4098)
  • Easiyo (7093) 
  • NZ Trade & Enterprise (4098E)
  • Natural Products NZ (4098E)


Comvita presents Internationally Renowned Medical Scientist Dr. Paul Talalay

The London Room: 13.00 – 13.30
Monday 12th April

It is with great pleasure that Natural & Organic Products Europe and Comvita introduce Dr. Paul Talalay, M.D., Professor of Pharmacology, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine.

Paul Talalay, M.D., is the John Jacob Abel Distinguished Service Professor of Pharmacology and Director of the Laboratory for Molecular Sciences at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine in Baltimore. He also is the founder of The Brassica Chemoprotection Laboratory, which is dedicated to studying edible plants that induce protective enzyme activity in the body and may help prevent cancer development.

Dr Paul Talalay has carried out significant research into the Glucoraphanin levels found in broccoli. He says: “Glucoraphanin is a compound that recharges your protective antioxidant defence enzymes, giving them the power to keep working. This is especially important, as a reduced defence enzyme level can lead to many chronic diseases.”

Come and learn more from Dr Paul Talalay, M.D. about the humble Broccoli and how it can help recharge your defences against many diseases.

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