The Natural Health Products Bill

The Natural Health Products Bill

Natural Health Products NZ strongly supports the Bill’s passage into law as soon as possible because we believe it will be good for the industry, good for consumers and good for NZ Inc. We remain committed to representing our members’ interests and are working closely with the Ministry of Health to ensure that the Regulations are fair, reasonable and workable for all concerned.


General Information

Natural Health Products NZ Submission on the Natural Health Products Bill

What is the difference between the Natural Health Products Bill (Act) and the Regulations?

Natural Health Products Bill Frequently Asked Questions (web version)

Natural Health Products Bill Frequently Asked Questions (PDF version)

Natural Health Products Flyer (for use by retailers, sales reps etc)


Natural Health Products NZ updates

Media Release Feb 2016:  NHP Bill will benefit NZers Feb-2016

Newsletter 10 June 2016: Updates on the Regulations’ progress (particularly re: intellectual property, proprietary ingredients, export ingredients and costs)

NZ Herald 6 July 2016:  Phil Rasmussen: Health products bill benefit to all

Stuff 31 July 2016:  NZ natural health industry seen as second best to the Aussies, industry group says

Media Release 15 June 2017:  NHP Bill call for informed debate_June 2017


Ministry of Health updates

MOH Update 22 March 2016: Your feedback needed on permitted substances and conditions

MOH Update 9 May 2016:  Have your say on medicine reclassification

MOH Update 18 May 2016: Permitted substances committee established

MOH Update 24 May 2016: Extension to Deadline for Permitted Substances List

MOH Update 26 September 2016:  The Natural Health Products Bill and Regulations Update

MOH Update 28 October 2016:  Deadline extension for PSL submissions

MOH Update 28 June 2017:  Updated draft Permitted Substances List


In the news media

Listen to Alison representing Natural Health Products NZ’s views in a strong Radio NZ debate with a Natural Products Bill detractor:  LISTEN HERE



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