New Zealand natural products to be showcased in Hong Kong

HK Workshops WMJAromatherapy enthusiasts at the Asia Pacific Aromatherapy School in Hong Kong will soon be learning about New Zealand’s incredible plant aromatics.
Dr. Wendy Maddocks, natural products business owner and aromatherapist is presenting three workshops covering a range of aromatic experiences. Students will explore perfumery, therapeutic uses of plant hydrosols and get to compare plant oils from New Zealand and Australia.

Whilst there are limited opportunities of extracting essential oils from native plants, apart from Manuka and Kanuka, many niche growers are experimenting with different varieties of essential oils and hydrosols. These New Zealand grown products have a high value overseas compared to the mass produced variants which are often heavily adulterated.

Participants in the workshop will experience some craft distilled aromatics produced by Wendy and gain an overview of Wendy’s’ doctoral research exploring the use of Manuka and Kanuka in radiation induced mucositis.

Aromatherapy is very popular in Hong Kong and NZ produced oils are keenly sought after. New Zealand has pockets of micro climates emulating the Mediterranean where many plant aromatics originate from. This contributes to our unique ‘terroir’ giving rise to some special oils.

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