Supplier of the Year 2021 (People’s Choice)

The Natural Health Products NZ Supplier of the Year Award recognises excellence within the vital services sector of our industry.  Votes are being taken for Suppliers who have made a significant contribution to your business or the sector.  These companies may be consultants; contract manufacturers; ingredients suppliers; labelling or packaging companies; legal experts…   

Some thought starters to consider when voting:

  • Where have you experienced overall exceptional service?
  • Who is proactive with innovative new offerings or ideas for improvement?
  • Does one (or more) supplier provide exceptional value for money?
  • Where have you received exceptional service from a supplier who really understands your business?

How the voting works:

  • This year each voting company can vote for multiple suppliers. This change acknowledges the possibility that different departments within a company may value the contribution of different suppliers. 
  • BUT, duplicate votes from one voting company for the same supplier will only be counted once. 
  • Anyone from a member company may vote.
  • Eligible suppliers are listed below. (Eligibility requires at least 12 months membership)
  • You may check multiple boxes.
  • The awards committee will ensure there is no duplication of voting within a voting company.

Online Voting:

  • Simply place a tick in the box/boxes next to the supplier/s you would like to vote for.
  • Online voting ends at 2pm Tuesday 17th August.


Paper voting in person at Suppliers’ Day on 17th August

  • Pop your vote in the Voting Box before the end of lunch at 2pm.   
  • Forms will be available at the event.
  • There’s space to let us know why you’ve chosen your supplier/s.  Your comments may be used to announce the winner and/or in publicity material.

Voting is open now

Please fill out the form below to vote online. The winner will be announced at Suppliers’ Day, 17th August 2021

Company making the nomination...
This year you are able to vote for multiple companies. Simply tick all the companies you think deserves the award.
Let us know why you’ve chosen your supplier/s. Your comments may be used to announce the winner and/or in publicity material.
Please write your name here...

All Done?

When you are ready, please click the "Submit Entry" button.

You will receive an email from us to acknowledge receipt of your entry. If you don’t hear from us by the next business day please contact [email protected].