Business Resilience Award

This award will go to a company that can demonstrate how they have gone above & beyond in managing their business through 2020. For some, simply still being in business in 2021 will be testament to the grit and agility of your business leaders and/or staff. What was your company’s specific experience, how did you rise to this challenge or seize an opportunity, and what was the outcome that demonstrates your success?

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If successful, who will the award be presented to at the GMP Pharmaceuticals Gala Dinner?

Please tell us in a paragraph or two about your organisation – its size, structure, and a very brief history
(no points) (200 word limit)

Outline the specific challenge and/or opportunity you were facing as a result of the impact of Covid 19.
(20 Points) (400 word limit)

Outline the resulting plan you developed and executed to overcome your challenge, or seize your opportunity.
(30 points) (400 word limit)

Demonstrate the success of your plan in terms of sales, market share, employee retention, business continuity and/or any other parameters you may have measured e.g. brand awareness, customer satisfaction, etc.
(30 points) (400 word limit)

Explain how the success and learnings from 2020 is informing future planning for the company.
(20 points) (400 word limit)

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