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More than 80% of all companies involved in New Zealand’s natural products industry belong to Natural Health Products NZ, including all major brands and manufacturers. Our membership comprises businesses that manufacture and supply natural health remedies, dietary supplements, health support products, and related ingredients and services.

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New Zealand Mānuka Group

Contact: Portia Hsiau Address 525B State Highway 30 Whakatane 3191 New Zealand Home Phone: +64 7 308 0428 Website:
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New Zealand Mānuka Group can trace its history with Mānuka all the way back to the beginning of the Mānuka industry, established by Phil Caskey in the early 1990’s. Phil Caskey established one of the first New Zealand’s specialist Mānuka honey companies in 1996. Recognising the unique properties of Mānuka, Phil was integral in establishing the now globally recognised UMF® Mānuka honey purity and quality system. Through his work with Professor Peter Molan from the University of Waikato, and a medical device company in the UK, Phil created and registered the first Mānuka honey medical device in the world in 2001. The honey wound care dressing is still a popular product in most medical kits and hospitals today.

Today, New Zealand Mānuka Group is leading the industry into an ever more exciting future through investment in product innovations and scientific research – taking the ancient Mānuka plant to new markets and customers worldwide, through offering UMF® certified Mānuka honey and MβTK™ certified Mānuka oil products that are sustainably and ethically sourced from the remote coastal regions of New Zealand.

  • Our Vision

By staying true to the land and our people, become New Zealand’s leading vertically integrated, sustainable, branded Mānuka products innovator.

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Product range: UMF® Mānuka honey, Mānuka honey and propolis lozenges, Mānuka honey snaps, table honey and 100% pure MβTK™ Mānuka oil

Kiwi Manuka™

Product range: UMF® Mānuka honey, Mānuka honey and propolis lozenges, Mānuka honey snaps and table honey


Company founded: 2011

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525B State Highway 30 Whakatane 3191 New Zealand