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More than 80% of all companies involved in New Zealand’s natural products industry belong to Natural Health Products NZ, including all major brands and manufacturers. Our membership comprises businesses that manufacture and supply natural health remedies, dietary supplements, health support products, and related ingredients and services.

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Hubris International Ltd

Contact: Dr Phil Robinson Address 74 Old Railway Road RD2 Kumeu 0892 New Zealand Phone: +64 9 4129157 Website:

It is natural to feel the cumulative effects of repetitive activities on our joints, which slowly deteriorate as we get older. Injuries and exercise can sometimes hasten the process, eventually adversely and painfully affecting quality of life.
Sure signs of this are soreness, stiffness, decreased mobility and flexibility. The ageing process can also cause degeneration of joint cartilage.
An effective way to provide support for our joints is the natural way. Hubris have developed a range of high quality, all natural products in New Zealand, a country renowned for its pristine, pure environment.
It is also well known that our closest animal companions suffer from the same conditions, and Hubris has developed products containing glucosamine and chondroitin that are involved in the maintenance and support of normal cartilage.
Hubris products are available online or from a selected distributor near you.

Perna Mussell, sun dried kelp, glucosamine, vitamin E


Company Founded: 1999

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74 Old Railway Road RD2 Kumeu 0892 New Zealand