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More than 80% of all companies involved in New Zealand’s natural products industry belong to Natural Health Products NZ, including all major brands and manufacturers. Our membership comprises businesses that manufacture and supply natural health remedies, dietary supplements, health support products, and related ingredients and services.

Rose hips Rosehip oil is a pressed seed oil, extracted from the seeds of a rose bush (Rosa moschata or Rosa rubiginosa). The rose (Rosa aff. rubiginosa) also known as sweet briar or eglantine, is found in South America, in particular in Peru, Chile and Argentina. It belongs to the Rosaceae family, subfamily Rosoideae, genus Rosa. A medium shrub upto 2.5 metres with hooked thorns. Fragrant bright pink flowers and deep green leaves.The seeds or hips are large, ovide to round and scarlet in colour.

Rosehip oil is unique among vegetable oils in containing retinol (Vitamin A), and is also high in vitamin C. Rose hip seed oil is high in the essential fatty acids – linoleic acid or omega-6, and linolenic acid or omega-3. It is commonly used in skin care products. It is used for a variety of skin conditions, including dermatitis, acne and eczema, for mature and sun burnt skin as well as brittle nails and wrinkles.

Among dermatological studies:

On some skin troubles like superficial wrinkles, chestnut spots and ephelides, good results have been obtained. After 16 weeks of treatment, wrinkles disappeared and spots become imperceptible.

After three months of two applications a day, scars were less marked, they had no crests, skin elasticity was increased and the zone colour looked better.

A certain depigmentor effect of pure Rosehip Seed Oil has been observed. After 120 hours of application under normal atmosphere and absence of light, a diminution of 18% of the Dopamelamine concentration was detected.Rosehip oil is renowned for its outstanding skin regeneration properties and for toning down scar tissue. The oil obtained from the seeds has a high content of non-saturated fatty acids, like oleic, linoleic and linolenic acid.

Besides non-saturated fatty acids, the presence of carotenoids, flavonoids, vitamin C, o ketonic compound (namely 3-penten-propyl-ketone) and, recently, trans-retinoic acid has been detected. The latter could be responsible for some of the pharmacological and therapeutic properties of Rosehip oil.

Absolute Essential Ltd

Contact: Dr Bo Hendgen Address 250 Oaia Road Muriwai Beach Auckland 881 New Zealand Phone: +64 9 411 5442 Website:

Plant oils are an effective choice for a wide range of health needs, whether maintaining or enhancing wellbeing or supporting recovery.

We offer carefully crafted ranges for: Mother & Child, Health & Wellbeing, Skin & Body, and Home & Living.

Only Absolute Essential can provide you with such a complete range of high quality medicinal grade oils, creams and gels, combined with access to practitioner information on use and application, so you can feel truly confident in offering your customers such a safe, simple and effective choice in holistic healthcare.

All our ingredients are ethically sourced and produced in our organically certified factory. Absolute Essential Therapeutic Plant Oils provide sustainable, responsible choices for restoring balance and supporting wellbeing. We are a New Zealand grown company, committed to uncompromising standards in therapeutic plant oils. All our materials are fully researched and sourced globally to meet our strict quality and ethical requirements. And every product is professionally crafted to support a well-balanced lifestyle in harmony with nature.


Company Founded: 1988

Markets currently sold in:
Hong Kong,
United States,

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250 Oaia Road Muriwai Beach Auckland 881 New Zealand

Green Cross Health

Contact: Lara Squires Address Private Bag 11906 Ellerslie Auckland 1542 New Zealand Phone: +64 9 571 9080 Website:

Pharmacybrands Limited (NZX:PHB) is New Zealand’s only listed Retail Pharmacy group and one of the largest retail operations in the country.

Pharmacybrands’ recent investment in Radius Medical gives the company a much broader scope of activity. The aim is to deliver a broad range of integrated primary healthcare solutions to New Zealanders, with a focus on enhancing their health, beauty and wellbeing.

Because the Pharmacist is the Health Professional that people see most often, Pharmacy remains the core of the business. (The company has retail operations under the Unichem, Amcal, Life Pharmacy, Radius and Care Chemist brands).
The Medical side of the business operates under Radius Medical Solutions, which is the support arm for Radius Medical and The Doctors branded medical centres.

With a focus on the Medical and Service side of the business the company is exploring growth as a broader healthcare company.


Company Founded: 1981

Markets currently sold in:
New Zealand and online worldwide

Pureland Ltd

Contact: Richard Hanson Address PO Box 2776 Queenstown 9349 New Zealand Phone: +64 21 899 800 Website:

The Avoca Provenance

At the heart of Avoca is a dedication to creating authentic and unique New Zealand products that are inspired by our landscape, way of life and people.

Avoca brings together New Zealand and imported ingredients to craft high quality items that represent the very essence of a New Zealand experience.

Avoca products prioritise the use of ingredients from trusted New Zealand origins. The luxury of space and the natural environment allows us to grow our ingredients the way nature intended.

Our range is forged out of New Zealand with a combination of Kiwi innovation and skills and unique New Zealand ingredients, to craft uncompromising products reflecting its New Zealand origins.

We guarantee that Avoca products with this stamp are authentically New Zealand made for the rest of the world to enjoy.


Company Founded: 2010

Markets currently sold in:
Hong Kong,

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PO Box 2776 Queenstown 9349 New Zealand