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More than 80% of all companies involved in New Zealand’s natural products industry belong to Natural Health Products NZ, including all major brands and manufacturers. Our membership comprises businesses that manufacture and supply natural health remedies, dietary supplements, health support products, and related ingredients and services.

A S Harrison & Co Pty Ltd

Contact: Graham Lee Address PO Box 276007 Manukau City Auckland 2241 New Zealand Phone: +64 9 309 8120 Website: http://www.asharrison.com

A S Harrison & Co is now one of the leading distributors of personal care additives to the Australian and New Zealand markets representing key principals in a range of major markets: HAIR CARE – Innospec, Inolex, Greentech, CAC; SKIN CARE – Greentech, Innospec, Inolex, CAC, Vanderbilt, Botaneco, Natunola; SUNSCREENS – ISK, Innospec and Inolex; and ANTIPERSPIRANTS – Innospec, Gulbrandsen, Greentech.


Company founded: 2014

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PO Box 276007 Manukau City Auckland 2241 New Zealand

Absolute Essential Ltd

Contact: Dr Bo Hendgen Address 250 Oaia Road Muriwai Beach Auckland 881 New Zealand Phone: +64 9 411 5442 Website: www.absoluteessential.com

Plant oils are an effective choice for a wide range of health needs, whether maintaining or enhancing wellbeing or supporting recovery.

We offer carefully crafted ranges for: Mother & Child, Health & Wellbeing, Skin & Body, and Home & Living.

Only Absolute Essential can provide you with such a complete range of high quality medicinal grade oils, creams and gels, combined with access to practitioner information on use and application, so you can feel truly confident in offering your customers such a safe, simple and effective choice in holistic healthcare.

All our ingredients are ethically sourced and produced in our organically certified factory. Absolute Essential Therapeutic Plant Oils provide sustainable, responsible choices for restoring balance and supporting wellbeing. We are a New Zealand grown company, committed to uncompromising standards in therapeutic plant oils. All our materials are fully researched and sourced globally to meet our strict quality and ethical requirements. And every product is professionally crafted to support a well-balanced lifestyle in harmony with nature.


Company Founded: 1988

Markets currently sold in:
Hong Kong,
United States,

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250 Oaia Road Muriwai Beach Auckland 881 New Zealand

Anagenix Group

Contact: Chris Johnson Address Level 1 18 Broadway Newmarket Auckland 1023 New Zealand Phone: 64 9 520 0831 Website: www.anagenix.com

We are ingredient suppliers for functional food, supplement and nutraceutical producers in Asia, Europe, UK and USA. Our products are based on New Zealand-grown bioactives that are proven effective by robust scientific studies.


Anagenix http://www.anagenix.com was established in 2011 to provide a commercialisation link between ground-breaking New Zealand plant science and the world’s best supplement producers.  Since then we have developed a portfolio of products that are sold through distribution networks in the USA, Canada, Australia, Asia and Europe.


In 2014 we were approved as a Focus 500 company by New Zealand Trade & Enterprise. We were also ranked #53 on Deloitte’s Asia Pacific Technology Fast 500 for 2014.


The ingredient products we develop are based on proven bioactives found in New Zealand-grown fruit. New Zealand’s government and private research organisations have a strong heritage of discovery in the natural bioactive arena.


To fulfil our ambition to become a leading nutritional ingredient supplier to the nutritional supplement industry, we have partnerships with Plant & Food Research, Callaghan Innovation, Liggins Institute, High-Value Nutrition Challenge, the National Science Challenge, Bioresource Processing and a number of New Zealand universities and Crown Research Institutes.


Anagenix provides the commercial link between New Zealand science and the nutraceutical ingredients market. We are successfully competing with global raw ingredient suppliers because we offer a strong point of difference – New Zealand’s unique growing conditions.



The nutra food ingredients we supply to the health supplement industry contain superior bioactive compounds derived from New Zealand-grown produce. Currently we offer three products:


Made from non-GMO New Zealand Zespri® Hayward kiwifruit, Actazin™ is a green kiwifruit powder that offers a new strategy for improving bowel regularity. Visit the http://www.actazin.com



Made from non-GMO New Zealand Zespri® SunGold kiwifruit, Livaux™ is a gold kiwifruit powder offers a new strategy for improving gut microbiome composition. Visit the http://www.livaux.com



Respiratory health products


Made from New Zealand Boysenberry extract, BerriQi is scientifically proven to aid lung health and restoration. Visit the http://www.berriqi.com









Company Founded: 2010

Markets currently sold in:

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Level 1 18 Broadway Auckland 1023 New Zealand

GC Rieber Oils AS

Contact: Peter Hamilton Address GPO Box 2433 Sydney NSW 2001 Australia Cell Phone: +61400413057 Website: http://www.gcrieber-oils.com

Midlands Nutritional Oils Ltd

Contact: Nigel Hosking Address PO Box 65 Ashburton New Zealand Phone: +64 3 307 8396 Website: http://www.midlands.co.nz/oil

All products are developed with the intent to benefit and promote health and well-being in today’s lifestyles.
Our product range comprises an extensive list of oils and oilseed products, with a focus on bulk nutritional oils.
A wide range of specialty oils are produced from our purpose-built premises in Ashburton.


Company Founded: 2002

Markets currently sold in:
Asia Pacific,
North America

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PO Box 65 Ashburton New Zealand