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More than 80% of all companies involved in New Zealand’s natural products industry belong to Natural Health Products NZ, including all major brands and manufacturers. Our membership comprises businesses that manufacture and supply natural health remedies, dietary supplements, health support products, and related ingredients and services.

Alaron Products Ltd

Contact: Claire Quin Address 13 Bolt Road Tahunanui Nelson 7011 New ZealandAddress PO Box 5080 Port Nelson Nelson 7043 New Zealand Phone: +64 3 548 5875 Website: www.alaron.co.nz

Alaron Products Limited is New Zealand’s most respected GMP Certified contract and private label manufacturer of dietary supplements, complementary medicines, nutraceuticals, vitamins and minerals in hard shelled capsule, tablet, chewable tablet, coated tablet, powder blend, cosmetic and personal care form. We are audited, licensed and certified by the New Zealand Ministry of Health MedSafe Division, the Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration, the New Zealand Ministry of Primary Industries, and the NZMPI Agricultural Compounds and Veterinary Medicines division for the manufacture and packing of products utilising herbal, dairy, probiotic, meat, game, fish, shellfish, apiary, vitamin, mineral, enzyme and cosmetic ingredients.

Alaron has access to New Zealand’s scientific research facilities. However, we are strictly a contract and private label manufacturer of capsules, tablets and powder blends produced to the highest standards to our customers’ formulations and specifications. We market no brands, nor do we have “standard products” as such.

Our strategy is to align ourselves with the best marketers of these types of products in their local markets world-wide. We therefore depend on the local marketer to best identify the products and formulations that will be most successful in their area. We also assume that the marketer will determine the best scientific information available to support their marketing story, usually by way of literature or Internet searches. Finally, the buyer needs to determine and co-ordinate compliance with the import and local market legal requirements. We also function as a gateway to Asia and Australia for marketers in North America and Europe who need a manufacturer that is familiar with regional regulatory requirements.

Our services include product development, procurement of materials, formulation, blending, hard shell capsule filling, tablet manufacturing, tablet coating, packing into pharmaceutical grade tablet bottles, powder pots or sachets, batch/use by coding and application of labels, and packing into cartons for dispatch. We also provide a complete cosmetic and personal care products development, production and packing service. We can co-ordinate the supply of all necessary inputs to production of a finished product, or can complete any stage of production, with supply of components by you.

We have access to a full range of ingredients from around the world as well as a focus on unique New Zealand ingredients from marine sources (NZ Greenshell Mussel, Shark Cartilage, Abalone, etc.), dairy (Colostrum, Whey Powders, Milk Powders, Lactoferrin, etc.), Apiary (Bee Pollen, Propolis, honey powder, etc.), Herbal (Grape seed, Blackcurrant, Pine Bark, Kiwi Fruit, Boysenberry, etc.), Deer Velvet, Deer Blood and related products.

GMP Certified Contract Manufacturer – Quality you can trust – Experience you can depend on – The ideal partner for your manufacturing needs – Your complete service provider.


Company Founded: 1993

Markets currently sold in:
New Zealand,
Hong Kong,

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13 Bolt Road Tahunanui Nelson 7011 New Zealand

PO Box 5080 Port Nelson Nelson 7043 New Zealand

Anagenix Group

Contact: Chris Johnson Address Level 1 18 Broadway Newmarket Auckland 1023 New Zealand Phone: 64 9 520 0831 Website: www.anagenix.com

We are ingredient suppliers for functional food, supplement and nutraceutical producers in Asia, Europe, UK and USA. Our products are based on New Zealand-grown bioactives that are proven effective by robust scientific studies.


Anagenix http://www.anagenix.com was established in 2011 to provide a commercialisation link between ground-breaking New Zealand plant science and the world’s best supplement producers.  Since then we have developed a portfolio of products that are sold through distribution networks in the USA, Canada, Australia, Asia and Europe.


In 2014 we were approved as a Focus 500 company by New Zealand Trade & Enterprise. We were also ranked #53 on Deloitte’s Asia Pacific Technology Fast 500 for 2014.


The ingredient products we develop are based on proven bioactives found in New Zealand-grown fruit. New Zealand’s government and private research organisations have a strong heritage of discovery in the natural bioactive arena.


To fulfil our ambition to become a leading nutritional ingredient supplier to the nutritional supplement industry, we have partnerships with Plant & Food Research, Callaghan Innovation, Liggins Institute, High-Value Nutrition Challenge, the National Science Challenge, Bioresource Processing and a number of New Zealand universities and Crown Research Institutes.


Anagenix provides the commercial link between New Zealand science and the nutraceutical ingredients market. We are successfully competing with global raw ingredient suppliers because we offer a strong point of difference – New Zealand’s unique growing conditions.



The nutra food ingredients we supply to the health supplement industry contain superior bioactive compounds derived from New Zealand-grown produce. Currently we offer three products:


Made from non-GMO New Zealand Zespri® Hayward kiwifruit, Actazin™ is a green kiwifruit powder that offers a new strategy for improving bowel regularity. Visit the http://www.actazin.com



Made from non-GMO New Zealand Zespri® SunGold kiwifruit, Livaux™ is a gold kiwifruit powder offers a new strategy for improving gut microbiome composition. Visit the http://www.livaux.com



Respiratory health products


Made from New Zealand Boysenberry extract, BerriQi is scientifically proven to aid lung health and restoration. Visit the http://www.berriqi.com









Company Founded: 2010

Markets currently sold in:

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Level 1 18 Broadway Auckland 1023 New Zealand

GO Healthy New Zealand

Contact: Kurt Renner Address 71 Nelson Street Petone Lower Hutt 5012 New Zealand Phone: +64 4 8910184 Website: www.gohealthynz.co.nz

GO Healthy New Zealand is New Zealand’s leading natural health supplement company, supplying Pharmacies and Health Stores nationwide with high potency New Zealand made supplements.

GO Healthy New Zealand was founded and is owned by three New Zealanders whose common goal is to make a positive difference, not only to people’s health, but also to the natural health products industry as a whole. Our extensive experience in the natural health industry and in the retail market means we understand what is important to you. GO Healthy New Zealand is operated by the owners with a dynamic and innovative team of focused professionals and we genuinely have our customers’ well-being at heart.

At GO Healthy New Zealand, we have pulled together what we believe to be the best leading product development and manufacturing components available in the natural health market to offer a comprehensive range of products made in manufacturing facilities of the highest standard in New Zealand. We are the first company in New Zealand to introduce a full range of supplements in VegeCapsules. We believe this knowledge and these types of innovations add up to superior products that are better for your health and well-being. To us, it’s not just about you taking a pill but what GO Healthy New Zealand can do to help you to look after your health.

Our aim at GO Healthy New Zealand is to provide you with great health products with the best ingredients and superior formulations delivered in a convenient dose. The GO Healthy New Zealand range has been carefully designed with you in mind to deliver health solutions in nine major categories – General Health, Women’s Health, Men’s Health, Joint Health, Healthy Oils, Immune System, Sleep/Nervous System, Weight Management and Active Energy. Each category is easily identifiable by its color coding to enable you to quickly and easily locate products suitable for your specific needs.

At GO Healthy New Zealand, we believe you deserve to have health products that you can trust and believe in and that is why GO Healthy New Zealand will continually strive to be the most trusted natural healthcare brand in New Zealand.


Company Founded: 2008

Markets currently sold in:
New Zealand,

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71 Nelson Street Petone Lower Hutt 5012 New Zealand

New Zealand Extracts Ltd

Contact: Mike Turner Address 16 Liverpool Street Riverlands Blenheim 7274 New Zealand Phone: +64 3 5793399 Website: www.nzextracts.com

Natural, bioactive ingredients from New Zealand-sourced and sustainably managed fruits, berries and plants.

Ingredients are designed to add functionality to supplements, foods, beverages and personal care products in key health areas like: digestive health, cardiovascular/inflammatory health, sports nutrition, antioxidants and personal care.

Using a unique, 100% Aqua Pure® water extraction, we’re able to capture valuable health benefits from raw material. No alcohol, solvents or chemicals are used in the manufacturing process, so final products are chemical-free and high in natural bioactives. We are the only company in the world to produce water-extracted ingredients from these New Zealand fruit.

Add functionality… naturally!


Company Founded: 2005

Markets currently sold in:
New Zealand
North America
United Kingdom

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16 Liverpool Street Riverlands Blenheim 7274 New Zealand