Manuka Health’s ‘hive to home’ approach a bee-autiful strategy


The rapidly-expanding global market for New Zealand-grown manuka honey health products brings great opportunities for local companies now that the category has started to evolve from niche, into the mainstream.

Having a vertically integrated ‘hive to home’ operation puts Manuka Health in a particularly strong position to leverage this growth, says its GM Marketing, Research & Development Kate Kember.

Manuka Health, founded in 2006, is based in Te Awamutu and also has a honey and propolis extraction centre in Carterton. The company employs more than 140 people in its beekeeping, extraction, packaging, distribution and marketing operations.

Although there are other vertically-integrated manuka honey operations, Kate says Manuka Health’s point-of-difference is that it only produces and markets bee products.

“This sole focus gives us a deep expertise and passion for manuka honey and other bee products.”

In keeping with this focus, the company has developed strong research partnerships with universities globally, including in Auckland and Dresden (Germany) to discover more about the exceptional health-giving properties of New Zealand-grown manuka honey and propolis.

Manuka Health currently exports to more than 45 countries and has the top manuka honey / propolis market share in around half of them.

Kate says being vertically integrated is invaluable for building trust in Manuka Health’s own brand, but also in New Zealand-grown bee products in general.

“Retailers are looking for assurance of security and supply, and food safety. We provide that assurance by way of our vertical integration and our deep knowledge of how to protect our products’ quality and integrity at every point in the supply chain.

“Retailers and consumers want to know that they can trust the authenticity and efficacy of what they are getting and our hive to home approach means we are able to give them that assurance.”


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