Manuka Health Wins Award for Promo Video

Manuka Health Wins Award for Promo Video


A video produced for a New Zealand honey health science company has won an international Stevie Award.

The ‘Out of the Wild’ video for Manuka Health New Zealand won the Sales Video category at the 2010 International Business Awards.

Nicknamed the Stevie® for the Greek word “crowned”, the awards honor outstanding performances in business. More than 1700 entries were received for more than 40 categories. Winners will receive their awards at a gala dinner in Istanbul, Turkey, later this year.

Manuka Health chief executive Kerry Paul said the company was proud of the video and doubly proud it had won an award for producer-director Steve King, of Auckland-based Screentime Communications.

“We are producing a unique product for a global market and wanted to show people where Manuka honey comes from and what makes it so different,” he said.

“The production crew spent a day with beekeeper Peter Ferris visiting some of the thousands of bee hives among flowering Manuka trees in the hills of Wairarapa.”

Mr Paul said YouTube versions of the video had proved highly popular since it began streaming from the Manuka Health website (

The videos showed how Manuka honey was produced, the special requirements for producing medical-grade Manuka honey, and an inside-the-hive view of bees at work.

Manuka Health is the only company to declare the level of the active ingredient Methylglyoxal in its Manuka honey products. The company markets MGO™ Manuka honey certified under a testing regime developed by Professor Thomas Henle, the German scientist who discovered Methylglyoxal is responsible for Manuka honey’s antibacterial properties (

The company provides a similar guarantee for Bio30 propolis, certifying products contain at least 30 mg/kg of bio-active compounds such as caffeic acid phenethyl ester (CAPE) ( Manuka Health also produces other health-giving bee products including bee pollen, bee venom and royal jelly.

About Manuka Health New Zealand Ltd:

Manuka Health is a New Zealand owned company committed to providing effective natural healthcare solutions utilising the unique healing properties of bioactive compounds found only in New Zealand native trees.

By combining leading edge research with these naturally occurring compounds, we are able to deliver a range of products that restore balance and quality to people’s lives.

We are committed to producing effective natural health solutions that aid recovery from illness and infection and enhance the health and well being of people world wide. We facilitate an ongoing partnership between nature and science identifying and quantifying the bioactive compounds originating from New Zealand native trees, and incorporating these into products that restore health and life balance.

Manuka Health has embraced the discovery by Professor Henle’s team at the Technical University of Dresden that methylglyoxal is responsible for the stable anti-bacterial activity in Manuka honey. Manuka Health’s “MGO™ Manuka Honey” brand is available worldwide with guaranteed levels of MGO™ (methylglyoxal) giving our customers confidence that they are getting the health benefits they are paying for.

Another critical active ingredient in many of our products is the lead compound in propolis, caffeic acid phenethyl ester (CAPE). This is the key compound in Manuka Health’s “BIO30 ™ Propolis” brand sold internationally. We guarantee that there is a minimum of 30mg bioactive compounds per gram of propolis solids in the BIO30 ™ range.

Manuka Health is now a world leader in Honey Health Science with global research and development capability. We are constantly discovering new ways in which nature can help us restore balance and improve our quality of life. Recent developments include the expansion of our health care range to include medically active foods and medical devices to assist with severe health issues and wound care.

> Watch the award winning video HERE

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