Luxurious NZ perfumes from nature

Adorn yourself with a luscious solid perfume from Pacific Perfumes’ new Artisan range and revel in nature’s opulence. There are no synthetic ingredients – each fragrance is crafted from rich, beguiling scents of real flowers, leaves and woods.

New Zealand’s own Pacific Perfumes is one of only a handful of perfume houses in the world that create complex and evocative fragrances entirely from natural ingredients…

Luxurious perfumes from nature

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Sue Walker on 03/09/2011 11:36

HI, I’m a recent convert to natural perfumes through my daughter who has been searching for 100% natural scents. We live in England and I have just discovered your site. I have always been impressed with NZ products and the emphasis there on health and nature. I would very much like to sample the perfumes and wonder if you have small samples available? They sound lovely.

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