Healthy Ageing APAC Summit launched by NutraIngredients-Asia

June 12 and 13, Singapore

Delegate registration is now open for NutraIngredients-Asia’s Healthy Ageing APAC summit, which is bringing together business leaders, policymakers and academics to debate how industry can meet the food and nutritional challenges brought about by the region’s rapidly ageing population.

The Asia-Pacific region is currently home to about 60% of the world’s population of older people, defined as those aged 60 years and above. The number of older people in the region is expected to more than double from 547 million to nearly 1.3 billion by 2050.

Gary Scattergood, Editor-in-Chief of NutraIngredients-Asia and FoodNavigator-Asia, said:

“Asia-Pacific’s ageing population and longer overall life expectancy means the demand for nutrition and food products suitable for the elderly population will soar, while younger people are increasingly aware that the nutrition and health choices they make today will affect their quality of life in older age. This event will examine how industry can best tap into these trends.”

Speakers for the event, taking place on June 12 and 13 in Singapore, have been confirmed from Nestle, Blackmores Institute, Nutri, Swisse, the Japan Anti-Ageing Society and Trisco Foods, among others.
Sponsors include DuPont, TSI Pharmaceuticals, AstaReal and Beneo.

Find out more at Healthy Ageing APAC Summit or contact [email protected]

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