You will be aware that there are currently three codes in the therapeutic products and services category – the plan is to combine these and reduce them to ONE.

The Draft Code for Therapeutic and Health Advertising is here. Draft ASA Code for Therapeutic and Health Advertising 2015

Along with this are some Guidance Notes for to assist you. Draft Guidance Notes ASA Code for Therapeutic and Health Advertising 2015

This Draft Code has been written for the current regulatory environment. If and when the Natural Health & Supplementary Products Bill comes into law it will be revised as necessary.

The draft Code is principle based and all principles are common to all products, devices and services advertised regardless of whether they are for a therapeutic or health benefit. The principles in the Code apply to all audiences. Aspects of advertising compliance that are required in legislation or industry codes are not repeated in this Code. Members should be aware of and apply any legal or industry code requirements to their advertisements.
Please provide your feedback to [email protected]. The ASA has asked that all feedback comes via industry organisations. Please ensure that you send any feedback by Thursday 6 August.

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