COVID19 Guidance for Essential Services

Guidance for Essential Services (including their supply chains)


Over the last two days we have been seeking advice from the Government on what constitutes an essential service during the Level 4 lockdown.
We have received advice from the Government that if your business is part of the supply chain for an essential business, it may continue to supply those critical products and services to the essential businesses only.

Supermarkets and pharmacies are considered essential businesses. Health food shops are not.
If your business supplies to both essential and non-essential businesses, you must only continue to supply those which are considered essential.
A list of essential businesses is available at
How can an essential service be delivered in a way that limits public health risks?
Businesses delivering essential services should consider measures to: 

  • minimise personal interactions among staff, and with and between customers, and
  • ensure appropriate heath, hygiene and safety measures are in place.

It is for each sector or business to decide how best to do this. Examples include:

  • working from home as much as possible
  • limiting staff interaction through physical distancing and split shifts
  • limiting interaction with and between customers, eg through online or phone orders, contactless delivery, or managed entry and physical distancing
  • frequent cleaning of premises, counters and EFTPOS terminals
  • personal protective equipment for staff
  • hygiene basics of hand washing and hand sanitisers.

The Government’s intention is to stop economic activity at business premises beyond that which is necessary to ensure the preservation of life and wellbeing. Please consider carefully which elements of your business are genuinely essential. The Government has indicated it will take any breach of these guidelines during Level 4 extremely seriously.

If you want specific guidance for your business, you can email [email protected] or call 0508 377 388
For up to date information we recommend you refer to “Unite against COVID-19” :

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