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Ensuring the industry maintains high product quality, safety and efficacy standards is an important part of Natural Health Products NZ’s work.  In keeping with this commitment, we would like to take the opportunity to remind all members about the importance of conforming with the following at all times:

Our Constitution and Code of Conduct

  • Any other policies of Natural Health Products NZ
  • Relevant New Zealand regulations
  • Relevant local body regulations



  • A reminder that all products must comply with the relevant product class regulations and not make therapeutic purpose claims unless they are registered as medicines.
  • Any compliant claims must also be in accordance with consumer law – so if you can’t back up a claim with appropriate evidence, don’t say it.
  • Claims include text and also visual representations such as imagery
  • This applies to all marketing and communication materials including labels, brochures and inserts, websites, social media and influencer activity.

This includes any claims about any aspect of Covid prevention or treatment.

For assistance with compliance we recommend utilising the Therapeutic Advertisers Pre-Vetting System (TAPS).
Ph: 64 9 488 7455  
Email: [email protected]

If you are unsure about your compliance we recommend seeking professional advice.

A note about Testimonials

Advertising Standards Authority Guidelines:

Testimonials for natural health products and dietary supplements, and health services to support a normal bodily function are permitted. However, these testimonials should not include any information that implies the product is a medicine or medical device or that the service has a therapeutic benefit. This is likely to breach the Medicines Act. The content of testimonials must be consistent with the claims allowed in the advertisement for these products and services.

Compliance Workshop Materials

You may find it helpful to revisit the information presented in our Compliance Workshops:

– 2018 Workshop:  TAPS, ASA and the Commerce Commission

– 2020 Webinar: TAPS, Insight, John Barker Law 

These presentations contain many useful links.  We revisit these Compliance Workshops regularly for members.

The presentations are in the Regulatory Resources section of the website, found in the dropdown menu under MEMBERS.

Updated Regulatory Regime for Natural Health Products 

For many years Natural Health Products NZ has advocated for a modern, workable and affordable regulatory regime for manufacturing, marketing and selling natural health products (which currently come under the Food Act). Having modern regulations will bring many benefits, including enabling consumers to be given more meaningful information about these products. Importantly, aligning this country’s regulations with those of our major export markets will be good for New Zealand’s natural health industry, as well as the wider economy.
Natural Health Products NZ is committed to getting new legislation for natural health products and continues to engage with the Government on this matter.

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