China Regulations Webinar – 18 May 2016


Complementary Medicines Australia (CMA) and Natural Products New Zealand (NPNZ) would like to invite our members to attend a free webinar, with the aim of providing an update on China health foods regulation and the implications for our industries.

The recent and proposed changes to the China CFDA regulations have led to a degree of confusion amongst industry members during the last few weeks. In order to provide some clarity to members, we are pleased to introduce Michelle Stout, Regulatory Policy & Intelligence Director of Amway Corporation and IADSA Board member, who will provide a briefing on the current regulatory environment in China.

Michelle’s presentation will include:
 an overview of China Food Safety Law (2015);
 the new Notification (filing) system, which is proposed to be implemented as an addition to CFDA ‘blue hat’ Registration; and
 Healthfood Inventories: the Raw Material List and Functional Claims List.


DATE:  Wednesday 18 May 2016

TIME: 9:00am–10:00am Australia / 11:00am–12:00pm New Zealand

COST: Free for CMA and NPNZ members




Note: For those CMA and NPNZ members who are not able to attend the webinar, please email Miho Kikuchi at [email protected] to be sent a recording of the webinar following its completion.



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